Monday, 25 June 2018

Eagles Everywhere!

Last week I gave a presentation about my eagle tracking research and preparing for this gave me the opportunity to put together the above map, which shows the recent movement paths of all surviving juvenile Wedge-tailed Eagles satellite-tagged in 2017. It's really interesting that Gudju and Kapiburror (black and white) haven't moved far from their natal home ranges at Matuwa, and amazing how birds like Darlyininy and Djoorabiddi (red and green) have 'met up' in the vicinity of Lake Argyle, thousands of kilometres from their natal nests in the Perth region. I'm looking forward to compiling the data and investigating the reasons (most likely to be climatic/rainfall-related) behind these movements. Currently I'm working on my first PhD paper about the post-fledging and dispersal behaviour of these birds, so I'll post more updates on that as they get off the ground!

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