Thursday, 22 August 2013


A quick look at the progress of our two tracked eagles today has revealed some exciting news: the nests of both birds have new arrivals! It's been over 7 weeks since we know that Gidjee began incubating eggs on her nest, and about the same time that we noticed Wallu visiting Wurru at their chosen nest each morning, probably delivering food. This is beyond the normal incubation period for wedgies so we are safe to assume that the eggs on each nest have hatched. The behaviour of both eagles changing in the last few days provides further evidence, with Gidjee leaving her nest several times each day and at odd hours, and Wallu attending his nest or perching near it for longer periods than we've noted in the last 6 weeks. Now the challenge begins for our two pairs to feed their young and keep them alive!

Today I also received some great news that I have received approval to satellite track a juvenile eagle later this year. Provided food supply is ample and there are no extreme weather conditions, Gidjee and Mulga should rear at least one offspring each, ready to fledge around October. So hopefully if all goes well we will be able to track the progress of this bird during its post fledging period, and beyond. More updates soon!

Wednesday, 7 August 2013

Documentary Trailer

Today I finished making a trailer for the next iNSiGHT Film about satellite tracking Wedge-tailed Eagles in Western Australia. The film's release is a while away yet, but you can get a feel for what it's about by viewing this preview. The film will premiere in Perth in 2014 and DVD's will be available at the screening. Watch this space!

Where Do Eagles Dare? (Trailer) from Simon Cherriman on Vimeo.