Sunday, 3 February 2019

Djoorabiddi Dead

It was devastating today to confirm the stationary signal Djoorabiddi's transmitter had registered over the past few days was indeed the result of his death. I took the above picture of him and the dead kangaroo next to which he was found, yesterday. This shows the scene as I found it, and it features several suspicious 'items' which point to the death not being an accident. For one, the dead kangaroo on which Djoorabiddi looks to have been feeding on is weeks old. Also, his PTT is upside-down, and the harness has been cut off and left next to the carcass. More will be revealed as investigations into Djoorabiddi's death, including x-rays and a post-mortem, are carried out. Keep track of my Instagram page for the latest updates. RIP you magnificent creature Djoorabiddi. Forever may you soar.