Thursday, 14 August 2014

Breeding Time

I'm currently back at Lorna Glen and it's the time of year to check eagle nests for breeding activity. So far our fieldwork has started well with many nests containing eggs. One early-nesting pair of wedge-tails already has a chick, which I photographed today at close quarters - yes, it is the very cute eaglet shown above!

A typical clutch of two eggs on an active Wedge-tailed Eagle nest at Lorna Glen.

Good rains in February and March this year transformed the desert country into a flourishing landscape - wildflowers bloomed and waterbirds moved in to breed on the salt lakes. Although the water is rapidly disappearing, some very pretty blossoms remain and we have been amazed by a particular white flower that appears like snow among the red dirt and spinifex.

I am hoping it will mean a good year for the eagles too but time will tell if the pairs that have laid can find enough food for the next 3 months to keep their hungry eaglets alive and well until fledging.

And to finish with - on the first day of nest checking, I was extremely excited to see Wallu at his regular rabbit warren feeding site. He took to the air quickly... my camera's memory card showed 'full' as I frantically tried to take some photos... but I did manage to snap one picture which clearly shows his PTT aerial. Will him and Wurru produce a chick this year? More updates from the desert coming soon.