A recent grant from the fabulous Goldfields Environmental Management Group means funds have now been secured to continue tracking our 2 high-flying eagles, Wallu and Kuyurnpa, for the next 2 years. This grant has also facilitated continued monitoring of the Matuwa eagle population's breeding productivity and diet. Thank you so much to everyone at the GEMG for becoming the main sponsor! Long-term research projects at the landscape scale are so important in helping us understand our environment, but they are very rare indeed, so it is exciting to know that this important research is able to continue.

The costs of the first 4 transmitters, and fees for receiving the satellite tracking data for the period of 1 year, were paid for by a WA Department of Parks and Wildlife (DPaW) community grant, and an Australian Geographic Society seed grant. DPaW's Science Division supported the subsequent research on eagle diet and breeding at Matuwa/Lorna Glen until the end of 2014. Curtin University also contributed by covering costs of tracking data from 2 PTTs for a year.

Between October and December 2015 the 'Where Do Wedgies Dare?' crowdfunding campaign successfully raised more than $21 000 for the purchase of two GPS/Satellite PTTs, plus 2 years' data. This was thanks to an amazing bunch of 236 supporters jumped on board to pledge their donation! Those supporters wishing to have their names/business names appear publicly have been acknowledged on this website - click the 'Crowdfunding Supporter' tabs on the right to view.

Please email me if you require any further information, or if you would like to discuss in greater detail how you can support this research.

Thanks to the following organisations for their support: