2017 Crowdfunding Supporters

Between July and September 2017 the 'WheresWailitj?' crowdfunding campaign successfully raised just over $23 000 for the purchase of four GPS/Satellite PTTs, thanks to an amazing 244 supporters who jumped on board to support this campaign! The following people selected the $30 + reward to have their name appear on this special supporter's acknowledgement page:

Ann Barber
Esther Beaton
Linda Borrison
Angela Bowman
Robert Broomhall
Sue Butcher
Regina Carson
Carla Christie
Kath Chuk
Daniel Collet
Diane Court
Dani Crichton
Davis family
Ginetta Evans
Michelle Fischer
Jean Foster
Jeff Hansen
Thomas Hunt
Stuart Johnson
Silver Kenny
Nigel King
John Lawson
Valerie A G MacDuff
Joanne Manning
Andrew McDonough
Gary Meredith
Andrew Moore
Susannah Naim
Phil O'Neill
Adam Peck
Melanie Pope
Beth Reid
Danielle Romiti
Maggie Shanklin
Chris Steeles
Louise Stelfox
Karin von Strokirch
Carla Tassone
Peter Taylor
Sherry Thomas
Jaxon Thomas
Steve Toole
Jodie Watts
Nigel Wessels
Murrelia Wheatley
Mary White
Linda Wong
Linda Wotherspoon
Benjamin Wright

Thanks so much to everyone for their keenness to help!