2016 Crowdfunding Supporters: Individual

Between October and December 2015 the 'Where Do Wedgies Dare?' crowdfunding campaign successfully raised more than $21 000 for the purchase of two GPS/Satellite PTTs, plus two years of tracking data. This was thanks to an amazing bunch of 236 supporters jumped on board to pledge their donation! The following people selected the $20 + reward to have their name appear on this special supporter's acknowledgement page:

Jenna Blackwell
Rebecca Boyland
Wayne Butterworth
Claire Clements
Cherilyn Corker
Glenn Crawford
Michael Dufty
Adam Edmonds
Adam Foster
Ross Jones
Lee Kharod
Susanne Malone
Anne-Marie Keightley
Mick Makings
David Marquard
Bethany Ryan
Louise, Ben and Catie Stelfox
Marcia Watson
Wendy Whitham
Linda Wotherspoon

Thanks so much to everyone for their generosity!