Sunday, 21 July 2013

Wallu feeding Wurru

Today I looked at our eagle data for the last 3 days, and noticed a slight pattern in Wallu’s daily routine. Around 10 or 11am, he is recorded as being AT one of his nest sites – Nest 57 – which, as we discovered early on, was in mid-June being freshly lined in preparation for use. Wallu’s fixes show us that he begins the day near the rabbit warren (probably hunting), then delivers a kill to Wurru, who I think is incubating eggs on Nest 57, and takes over sitting duties for a short period while she feeds away from the nest. When she is full of ‘roo or rabbit and ready to sit again, Wurru returns to incubate and allows Wallu to fly. Judging by the large distance between fixes, he might well be spending the rest of his day performing territorial duties at the far boundaries of his patch.
It really looks like our Wallu has his work cut out this year!
More updates soon.

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