Friday, 20 September 2013

One Month!

About a month ago we first noticed Gidjee begin to move away from her nest again, following a long stint of incubation. Today Gill visited the (as yet unrecorded) nest site and observed something exciting: Gidjee and Mulga are proud parents! The eaglet picture above is about a month old, well on track to fledging successfully. This bird is destined for the third PTT, currently on its way from America to my house! When aged about 60-70 days, this eagle chick will be fitted with a solar-PTT, just like that worn by Gidjee and Wallu, to track its movements when it flies from the nest, and hopefully for many years afterwards. More updates coming soon!


  1. Gday Simmo, when do you plan to attached the PPT? Would that be before its first flight?
    Peter Taylor

    1. Hi Peter - the PTT has been attached! Sorry I didn't get to this comment sooner, thought I'd wait until the latest updates had been posted. You can now read about the attachment above :)