Monday, 7 April 2014

Gidjee Sighting

Today some good news came in from scientists working at Lorna Glen this month. They made sightings of Gidjee, Mulga AND Kuyurnpa over the last few days! It's always reassuring to get sight records of these birds to ensure they appear in good physical health, even though we can get a reasonable idea of how they are faring from the remote tracking data. Thanks to ecologist Dr. Colleen Sims, I'm able to show you a photo of Gidjee (who has a PTT) and her mate Mulga (untagged), perched near a very green wetland at Lorna Glen. This area is a low-lying patch of ground which was inundated several weeks ago, and the eagle family has been spending much time here, almost certainly because of the prey animals attracted to the water.

Here is a closer look at Gidjee's back - you can just make out the PTT and aerial on her back! Thanks heaps for the picture Colleen :)

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