Friday, 27 June 2014

Heading Home and Beyond

Check out this amazing journey! Kuyurnpa never ceases to give me a surprise when I excitedly log on to download her latest satellite tracking data. This evening's map shows that in 10 days she has flown over 1000 km, heading directly south from the De Grey River area, her favoured spot of the last month, and returning all the way back HOME to Lorna Glen! Kuyurnpa spent 21st and 22nd June on the property, and on 23rd June passed less than 20 km to the north of the fenced enclosure, continuing west to roost on the neighbouring station that evening. This is the first time she has flown near her natal territory since beginning dispersal at the end of March.

Continuing to create new findings for us, she carried on south-west, roosting on Lake Way near Wiluna for the next couple of days. The last GPS fix on Kuyu shows her roosting at Lake Maitland, about 100 km north-east of Leinster, the southern-most location yet visited by our adventurous little girl!

If you live or happen to be travelling in this area over the next few weeks, please keep you eyes peeled for Kuyurnpa. She can easily be identified by the 20 cm antenna protruding from her back! If you think you've seen her or have a photo, please email me.

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