Monday, 5 October 2015

Tracking Well

We didn't have much to report on our two satellite-tagged wedgies Wallu and Kuyurnpa during most of September - both stuck to a fairly similar pattern in their behaviour as previously recorded, with Wallu still tending his (apparently) successful nest site regularly, and Kuyurnpa drifting back up to Roy Hill again and spending most of the month there. Towards the end of the month though, our girl appeared to get itchy talons again and on 20th September embarked on a 1300km desert wander which saw her pass over the Matuwa homestead and continue further south-west than she has ever previously ventured! Today's latest waypoints show Kuyurnpa has again revisited the familiar ground on the north-western side of Lake Carnegie. This journey is shown on the above map (click to enlarge).

Here is a map of Wallu's past month of regular visits to the nest site (large cluster of red dots centre right), and the nearby rabbit warren (smaller cluster to the south-west of the nest). This week I will be heading to Lorna Glen to carry out more research on the breeding and diet of this eagle population during 2015, which will include a check on Wallu's nest. Watch this space for a few more regular updates!

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