Wednesday, 18 May 2016

More of Matuwa

 Where are the eagles now!? If you checked in just over a month ago, you would have seen that Wallu was still at home, and Kuyurnpa was loitering around her well-known haunt to the north of Lake Carnegie. Not much has changed in the past 6 weeks, except to say that our young girl's homing behaviour has continued, with regular visits to Matuwa. She has spent 6 nights roosting on our study area, which averages one per week, a slight increase in regularity since the start of 2016. Spending so much time looking at Matuwa on a mapping system, which makes this huge area appear tiny, often makes me under-appreciate the scale of this immature eagle's regular movements! It still amazes me that one night she can roost on Matuwa, and the next she can be way out near Carnegie again, almost 100 km away. The joys of being able to fly!

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