Monday, 20 February 2017

Phase Three

Our most recently satellite-tagged Walluwurru Malya has continued to spread his wings and now appears to be ranging over most of his parents' territory, which, as you saw last time, is the 'neighbouring property' of our beautiful adult male Wallu. These two eagle territories are shown in red and blue on the above map. During the last few weeks, our 'teenage' wanderer Kuyurnpa drifted in from the east, homing in on a long-range (~300 km) exploratory loop to spend a single night roosting at Matuwa. This creates an exciting opportunity to summarise our three arid-zone eagles currently being satellite-tracked:

  • Wallu, a ~10 year-old mature adult who remains sedentary in a fixed home range, where he has stayed for 3.5+ years;
  • Kuyurnpa, a 4th year immature who is still in her dispersal/wandering phase, moving freely through the arid interior with occasional 'return visits' to her natal territory;
  • Malya, a 1st year juvenile currently still in the post-fledging period in his natal territory, where he will be dependent on his parents until the dispersal phase begins in several months.

These birds represent the three different stages a Wedge-tailed Eagle's undergoes during its life, and it is exciting to be monitoring one arid-born eagle from each stage! I am super excited to know when Malya will begin dispersal, and when (if!?) Kuyurnpa will settle in a breeding territory. Let's keep on tracking and find out!

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