Monday, 10 April 2017

Walyunga's Gone

The last satellite-tagged Wailitj is the first to leave home! Walyunga, a late-fledging juvenile wedge-tail that we fitted with a transmitter in December, has made the bold move of 'leaving home', departing his natal home range last Tuesday. After not having moved more than about 4 km during the past 4 months of the post-fledging period, he suddenly flew east and spent the night near Wundowie, 35 km away. Then Walyunga travelled inland via York, turning north to reach Goomalling, then passing Wongan Hills and Dalwallinu as he moved nearly 200 km north of Perth!

Walyunga's dispersal path into the WA Wheatbelt region (click to enlarge).

It is so exciting to have reached the stage where our Perth eagles have begun dispersal, and I'm SO grateful to all who supported the initial crowdfund to pay for 3 of their transmitters. This is the first time the dispersal path of a 'wedgie' from south-west WA has been tracked, so it is very exciting to follow Walyunga's route, and anticipate where he might end up next! Don't forget to follow my Instagram account for the most recent updates of our satellite-tracked eagles!

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