Tuesday, 27 May 2014

Desert Wanderer

Kuyurnpa is becoming a real wanderer! Today's tracking data showed that she has once again ventured inland, moving another 420 km south-east of her latest Pilbara Coast hangout. She left the mouth of the De Grey River and followed this waterway upstream, roosting for the night just east of Marble Bar, before travelling a whopping 292 km the next day to spend the night at the edge of the Little Sandy Desert, just east of Newman! This seems amazing, but when you are an eagle that can cruise at 1600m above sea level doing 85 km per hour (as Kuyurnpa did that day), literally riding the wind, it's easy to put those miles behind you! Another 140 km journey northwards had Kuyu roosting between Rudall River National Park and the Newman-Marble Bar Road. Where to next?

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