Tuesday, 20 May 2014

The Pilbara Coast

Imagine being born in the middle of the desert but knowing one day you would fly so far that you would be able to reach the ocean! Kuyurnpa's lengthy day-trips during her dispersal from 'home' for a month have become shorter now as she explores the coastline between the De Grey River (east of Port Hedland) and Karratha. Here are 2 images which show her exploration of a 160 km stretch of the Pilbara coastline.

The first shows Kuyu's movements from 29th April, when she reached the coast after a 4000 km+ flight that took her (as the crow flies) 700km from Lorna Glen, until 6th May, when she had begun to follow the coast west past Port Hedland. The second map shows how, after tracking the Turner River southwards for a short distance before continuing slightly further west, she about-turned and moved back in an easterly direction, revisiting the area between the De Grey River and the Port Headland salt farm that gave her her first ever glimpses of the ocean. Her current position is about 670 km from her natal nest at Lorna Glen.

Click on the first map to view it in more detail, then hit the right arrow key to 'add' Kuyurnpa's extra journey. Where will she head to next?

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